Home Entertainment Installation

Home Entertainment System installationsurban-av are professional home entertainment system installers across Birmingham and the West Midlands. We are passionate about what we do and believe that a home theatre system should provide a truly awesome experience where you can enjoy the movie in all it’s splendour without distraction.

Video, audio and system control should come together to provide a special entertainment experience.

Surround Sound Systems

A properly designed and configured surround-sound system is what makes a home-cinema truly amazing. We design and install sound systems to accurately reproduce the recorded material within a natural and realistic environment.

We can specify equipment from a huge range of speakers and amplifiers, processors or AV receivers and will always discuss your preferences in terms of budget and actual audio output.

Projectors & Projection Screens

We can install fixed or motorised projector screens of any size or shape you can imagine (we’d recommend sticking to rectangles for most purposes, though!), with or without tensioning and masking systems.

There are a number of manufacturers producing projectors suitable for home cinema use and we can recommend a projector for almost any budget.

Large Format TV Displays – Plasma/LCD Monitors

Projectors are no longer the only option for large displays – plasma and LCD monitors are now available up to 152″ diagonal in a single panel!

Although projectors can provide more of a feeling of immersion when watching a movie, display panels can be more appropriate where ambient light is an issue.

For more information about installing your new home cinema entertainment system contact us.

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